Snag a brand new Razer laptop pre-order right now and get a 30-series portable powerhouse

Razer Blade 2021
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It's now the new year, and this means a new CES - though a virtual one this year - and this, in turn, means new gaming laptops. And specifically new Razer laptops. Announced this week, the latest iteration of Razer's excellent Blade laptops will embrace the new 30-series graphics cards from Nvidia - some of the best graphics cards we've ever seen - along with awesome new display types. And the best thing is that you can order yours today!

You can find links to them below that will take you right to them.

The latest in Razers portable powerhouses does really feel like as big a step up as one can remember from recent years - even just within the Razer laptop range themselves.

Cramming in the latest RTX 30-series graphics cards from Nvidia means these will be the most powerful gaming laptops going, but maintaining that excellent thin and light design to offer optimal portability. The display options have been revamped, and now you can select a Quad HD, 1440p, G-Sync resolution which still feels a bit novel in laptops. Having the option to also choose a blisteringly fast 360Hz 1080p screen or a 4K OLED screen means you can get a display that will marry perfectly with those new GPUs under the hood.

The Razer Blade laptops are some of the best gaming laptops in the world, and while they will have premium price tags, they will never have gone as far as justifying the investment as the 2021 range does.

Razer Blade 2021

(Image credit: Razer)

The new Razer Blade laptops are a big way to start Razer's 2021 lineup and there's bound to be more exciting additions to their repertoire soon. To continue that celebration, and running until January 17th, 2021 - that's this coming Sunday - you have a chance to bag 20% off your second item at Razer's Online Store. This RazerStore Live sale event followed the live stream on the 12th of January where the laptops and projects were announced and celebrated, and now brings a potentially excellent means to stock up on Razer gear for less this January.

This doesn't extend to the newest Razer Blade laptops up for pre-order - if you were crazy/lucky enough to be aiming for that! - but it does mean you can snag yourself a decent saving on some brand new gear. For example, if you have been lucky enough to buy an Xbox Series X in recent months, then you could reinvigorate and Razer-ise your peripherals by bagging the latest Razer headset from Razer in the shape of the Kaira Pro, and team that with the latest Razer controller in the form of the Wolverine V2, and save 20% on the latter in the process. Nice.

Whatever you're after, Razer will have you covered.

If you prefer your gaming machines static then you'll need one of the best gaming PCs going.

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