Another Disney movie is getting the horror treatment

Elle Fanning as Aurora in Maleficent: Mistress of Evil
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A horror retelling of Sleeping Beauty is reportedly in the works.

As reported by Bloody Disgusting, Sleeping Beauty's Massacre is in the works at London-based production company ChampDog Films, with filming set to begin in the UK in August. The news follows closely on the heels of similarly spooky reimaginings for other Disney-associated classics including Cinderella, Peter Pan, and Winnie the Pooh

Louisa Warren, who's also directing Cinderella's Curse, is reportedly producing and helming the untitled Sleeping Beauty horror project. "This film will flip everything as you know it on its head," Warren said. "It is savage, dark and utterly horrifying. I am setting out to create the most uncomfortable horror experience to date. There will be lies, gore and a big massacre. If you look back at the original material there is so much to play with."

Lora Hristova is reportedly starring in the adaptation as Princess Thalia alongside Lila Lasso, Leah Glater, Robbie Taylor, Sophie Rankin, Charlotte Coleman, and Judy Tcherniak.

"The beautiful Princess Thalia is thrown to ruins after her father's mysterious death," reads a story synopsis. "She lives with Prince Edison who she is in love with but can no longer marry since losing her status. Queen Velma wants the kingdom for herself and will use her dark powers, and use of the occult, to take over at any means necessary.

"Velma casts Thaila into a deep sleep to never wake, till one day she does and her web of lies start to fall around her. A violent twist after twist with gory and graphic deaths will ensue."

Sleeping Beauty's Massacre is reportedly due to premiere sometime in 2023.

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