How to get Skull and Bones Monstrous Tooth currency

Skull and Bones monstrous tooth
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Skull and Bones Monstrous Tooth is one of the many currencies being used to trade on the high seas, with this one being favored by the Sea People. They have a proud tradition of hunting the creatures found in these waters, but you'll have to go above and beyond the standard crocodiles and sharks you regularly encounter in Skull and Bones if you want to get your hands on some especially big teeth. For the lowdown on how to battle giant sea creatures to harvest Monstrous Tooth in Skull and Bones, read on.

What is Monstrous Tooth used for in Skull and Bones?

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Monstrous Tooth in Skull and Bones is a currency used by the Sea People, so you'll need it to purchase certain exclusive items from vendors such as the Sea People Huntmaster at Lanitra. Monstrous Tooth is also a crafting material that is required for certain blueprints, so it's a handy item to have a supply of. However, getting hold of it can be a dangerous and difficult process.

How to get Monstrous Tooth in Skull and Bones

Starting the From the Deep contract to get Skull and Bones monstrous tooth

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To get Monstrous Tooth in Skull and Bones, you need to slay giant sea creatures then loot it from their remains. To get started, visit the Sea People Huntmaster at Lanitra and accept the From the Deep contract – if this isn't available then do some other pirating elsewhere then come back for another look.

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This contract will place a marker in the seas to the north of the Red Isle, in the area marked on the Skull and Bones map above, and it's there that you'll need to head to confront your first giant sea creature. Note that it's recommended you are at least Level 6 before taking on this contract, as the beast you're going to face is an absolute unit and if you're not suitably prepared then you'll get (ship)wrecked in mere moments. I recommend you take the time to get a solidly upgraded ship such as the Skull and Bones Bombardier Padewakang armed with powerful weapons, then stock up on ammo and repair kits before you go hunting for Monstrous Tooth.

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Once you reach the marked area, you should spot a commotion in the ocean before the giant sea creature Kuharibu reveals itself. After tagging it with your spyglass you can follow the prompt to Call For Help, though ideally if you can turn up with a posse from the start, that will greatly help you. If Kuharibu lands a direct hit on your ship then it can cause catastrophic damage, so try to keep moving while raining down as many blows as possible from your own arsenal. If you survive the onslaught and take the beast down, then some Monstrous Flesh and the important Skull and Bones Monstrous Tooth currency will be yours. Continue scouring the seas and following up reports about mysteriously disappearing ships, for more opportunities to battle with giant sea creatures.

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