The Sims 3: World Adventures Shang Simla Guide

Confounded Boulder!

Ho Sung Kim needs some help smashing boulders. Report in to start the adventure. After that, you’ll need to convince three locals to approve his request for boulder smashing. Start with your friends or acquaintances; you’ll need to be somewhat friendly with Sims before you can convince them. Then report back to Ho Sung. Next you’ll have to answer Shing Hong’s questions so that Ho Sung can get on with the smashing. You’ll need to be friendly with him in order to do this, so find him on your map and chat him up if you haven’t already. Answer his questions.

Shing Hong will help you, but not until you get three pieces of Lapis Lazuli. Find them on your map and collect them. When you turn them in to Shing, you’ll get a keystone, the key to Pangu. Your next task will be to enter the Temple of Heaven to look for Pangu’s Axe. Go ahead and find it on your map. The temple itself is just a bunch of stairways to nowhere; instead, enter the door in the unassuming building in the northeast corner and go down the stairs.

Temple of Heaven

There’s a door at the end of the hallway here, but it requires a keystone. Instead, clear the rubble at the foot of the stairs and you’ll find another door. Go through it. Since a giant boulder is blocking the archway in this room, your only option is to go down the stairs. Use the key to Pangu to go through the door here, and go down the stairs. Walk down the long hallway, grabbing the items from the chest at the end, and make a right. There’s another chest down the hall; grab it and keep walking. Use the red carpet in front of you as your guide, keeping your eye out for another chest, until you find an area with a staircase; head down. Explore the dive well and swim through the secret tunnel. The dive well closest to the one you emerged from doesn’t contain anything, but there are some gems in the tiny room nearby.

Before you can get them, though, you’ll reveal a hidden trap in front of the room. Click on it, and you can either inspect or disarm it; in this case, disarm it and you can move on. There are several more traps in this area, so tread carefully. You can click on the floor to check, and if the “inspect” option pops up, it will warn you of the obstacle ahead. After disarming two more traps, you can grab the Ancient Coins and gems by the third dive pool. Ignore that pool and walk up the stairs. The only thing to do here is head down another set of stairs, so go ahead.

Inspect the floor to find a steam trap that can be disarmed. After doing so, inspect the unlit torch on the wall next to you; this will disarm two more traps up ahead. Ignore the staircase and go past the newly revealed traps and the circular, narrow hallway to find another set of stairs. This time, go up. And then go right back down. There’s a hole in the wall here, but you’ll have to disarm the trap in front of it before you can inspect it. Do that, and you’ll open up a secret door behind you. Go through it and take the loot from the treasure chest, then walk around the area with the trap and hole in the wall to go up another staircase. Finally! Just around the corner is the Axe of Pangu, displayed on the wall. Take it!

Before you deliver the Axe, backtrack a bit to the room with three traps on the floor, where you pulled the torch on the wall. Go up the staircase in the middle, the one you skipped before, after disarming another trap on the wall. Click on the two boulders and the option to smash them pops up; do it to clear the way to treasure and Ancient Coins. Backtrack and make your way out, disarming new wall traps as they activate.

When you deliver the axe to Ho Sung Kim, you’ll get a new assignment: smashing the rock in front of the hot springs and getting the relic within. When you’re ready, find the hot springs on your map and get going. It’s a cozy little resort, with a giant boulder blocking a dive well. Use Pangu’s Axe to break the rock, and dive in. Swim through the tunnel and you’ll find yourself in a room full of fire traps; step on the plate in front of them. This will activate the steam traps on the wall, which will put out the fire and allow you to walk through safely. Collect the Ancient Coins and the treasure chest loot here, and then jump into the dive well and swim through the tunnel.

Hot Springs

In the room to the right, pull the statue onto the switch to reveal a foot panel and activate steam traps. Head over to the left side and do the same, as well as grabbing the Ancient Coins and treasure chest loot. Step on the panel, and you can now walk through the steam traps, being sure to stay in the middle. Jump into the dive well and swim through the tunnel to find a corridor with even more fire. Ahead, you’ll find a statue; push it to the end of the row to activate the last switch. This will disable a fire trap on the left, allowing you to enter a room with a foot plate. Go ahead and step on it.

Go back to the statue and pull it all the way back to the first switch; now the fire on the right will disable, revealing another room with a foot panel. Step on that as well. Push the statue to the end again, and now all of the fire on the left side is gone, giving you passage. There’s another room on the left; grab the Ancient Coins and clear the rubble. Loot the treasure chest underneath, and go through the dive well at the end of the hall. Check the two chests on the left (disarm the steam trap in between), and clear the rubble on the right. There are three chests in the room beyond the rubble; one has the relic you’re looking for. Grab all the loot and go through the dive well at the end of the hall to come back out at the top of the hot springs. Deliver the relic to Ho Sung Kim for 35 Visa Points, 200 Ancient Coins, and $2,000. Best of all, you get to keep the Axe of Pangu, which will come in handy later!

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