The Sims 3: World Adventures Shang Simla Guide

Learning from the Master’s Palm

Shing Hong wants you to learn more about martial arts by sparring with Lee Yao two times. You will need to have learned the martial arts skill to do this. Find Lee on your map, and select the spar option when conversing with him two times. After sparring, report back to Shing Hong. Your next task will be to reach level five of the Martial Arts skill and meditate at the Scholar’s Garden for two hours. You can’t meditate until you’re at Martial Arts level five, so work on that first. Go to the Phoenix Martial Arts Academy to practice, or buy a practice dummy at the general shop to train back at home. Once you’re level five, head to the Scholar’s Garden, click on your Sim, and choose Meditate.

When you report back to Shing, he’ll give you the key to the Ancient Monk Retreat, where you’ll be searching for another relic. Also known as the Resolute Fist Retreat, you’ll find it on your map near the Scholar’s Garden. Head over. At the bottom of the stairs is a foot panel; stand on it, and a staircase will reveal itself nearby. Go downstairs.

Ancient Monk Retreat

Clear the piles of rubble and you’ll find some Ancient Coins and a hole in the wall. Inspect the hall to trigger a secret door, behind which is a treasure chest for looting. After that, use your key to enter the next part of the tomb. Pull the statue furthest from you to reveal another wall hole; inspect it to activate two floor switches. Push the statues onto them. Go through the newly unlocked door and head down the stairs.

Enter the door at the end of the hall and ignore the diving pool. There are three doors here, accompanied by three signs:

Timing is Everything: Enter this door and you’ll find three fire traps that go on and off in bursts. Time your actions and you can make your way across the room to the door on the other side. Grab the loot from the chest. You can go through the dive well if you want, it will bring you up at the other dive well in the room with three doors.

Step carefully… the darkness hides danger… There are traps everywhere in this room, so you’ll have to constantly inspect the ground to make your way across. Go around the traps and push the statue onto the switch, which unlocks the door behind you. Enter it. You’ll find a chest with the relic you’re hunting for.

The logical mind can overcome all obstacles… This hallway is loaded with wall fire traps. There are two holes in opposite walls when you enter; inspect both of them. Click the remaining trap on the left and Attempt to Cross; you should be able to jump through and inspect the hole in the wall on the other side. Now there is only one fire trap on the left side; go back and select Attempt to Cross. Inspect the two wall holes past the flames, and two more flame traps will be disabled. Now you can Inspect the wall switch opposite of the hole on the left. There should be one flame trap left; Attempt to Cross to jump through, and go through the door. Grab the treasure from the chest, and go through the dive well.

Now that you’ve fully explored this tomb and gotten your relic, you can deliver the Qin Shan Hu writings to Shing. He will declare you the master.

The Pilgrim’s Walk

Shing will eventually let you know that he completed the meditation statue. Now you must take it with you to several places in Shang Simla. First up is the Scholar’s Garden, where you’ll immediately have a brief vision. Next up, you’ll have to go to the Temple of Heaven. You’ll have another vision, and it’s on to the Dragon Cave. After the third vision, report back to Shing. He tells you that you need to restore the Dragon Cave, but you’ll have to wait for someone else to help you.

Knowledge of the Past

If you wait about a day after completing The Pilgrim’s Walk, Shing will tell you to ask local Ai Pei about the Dragon Cave. Ai Pei doesn’t remember, so you’ll need to deliver two pieces of platinum to Shing Hong to make a remembrance potion. Collect two pieces of platinum (locations will be displayed on your map) and give them to Shing. Take the potion to Ai Pei. He remembers that you have to ask Biyu Shen for a journal, so find her on your map. Chat her up if you’re not acquaintances, and when you’re friendly enough, ask for the journal. The next step is in Champs Les Sims, France. You’ll have to return home and wait until you can travel again before going there.

Once in Champs Les Sims, discuss Sin Pah’s journal with the Nectar Merchant. You’ll be directed to “Ask About Vaughan Affair” to Francois Lambert. Find him on your map and get friendly with him before asking about the affair. Francois wants a piece of opal before he’ll help you out. Find it on the map and deliver it to him. You’ll get Next up: explore the vault underneath Landgraab Chateau.

Next up: Explore the vault underneath the Landgraab Chateau

When you get to the chateau, go around the back and there will be an accessible door, but first you’ll have to disarm the trap in front of it. After that, enter the house and go through the door to the left. There’s a lot to be found in this mansion, which will be explored further in the Champs Les Sims section. There are two doors you can enter; one leads to a very wide staircase, and one leads to a thin staircase. Head to the room with the thin staircase, avoiding traps on the floor (most of them cannot be disarmed), and go up two flights. Use your cellar keystone here, and go through the door.

Go down the right hallway and through the door at the end, collecting the loot along the way. You’ll find yourself in a bedroom. Take a rest if you want, and when you’re ready, go through the white door. Walk through the bathroom and out the door on the other side, and you’ll trigger a hidden door in this bedroom. Go through it. Keep going down the staircases until you finally reach the bottom, and inspect the hole in the wall, which disables the trap ahead. Go through the door on the left. At the end of the room is the treasure chest with the keystone you’re looking for. Take it, as well as the keystone on the desk next to you. If you want, you can harvest the rare fruit in the room with all the plants, too. Open the wall panel and go up the stairs; you’re now ready to go back to Shang Simla.

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