The Sims 3: World Adventures Shang Simla Guide

In the Aid of Monks: The Order of the Resolute Fist

In the Aid of Monks: The Order of the Resolute Fist needs someone to help them find a lost artifact. Find Abi Yat Sen on your map and report in. You’ll be directed to the Temple of Heaven, so go there next. Ignore the temple itself and enter the same way you did last time, through the small building in the corner. This time, go down the hallway and use your new keystone to enter the locked door.

Head down the stairs and loot the treasure chests in both bedrooms; awfully cozy for a tomb! You’ll find the relic you’re looking for in one of the chests. After you find it, report back to Abi Yat Sen. You’ll be tasked with gathering materials to make another keystone. Find two pieces of platinum and bring them back to Abi Yat Sen, then repeat the process with the lapis lazuli. The key is ready, but needs elements of Shang Simla to work, so once it’s in your inventory, visit the Academy and the Scholar’s Garden. Then deliver the keystone back to Abi Yat Sen. The keystone is now ready.

Go back to the Temple of Heaven, and make your way back to the area where you found the artifact. Enter both small, round rooms in this area and inspect the hole in each one to unlock the doors in the outer wall. Walk through either one. Dive into the pool and swim through to find yourself in a bright room full of rocks and holes in the wall. Inspect them all to disable the traps around the room and nab some Ancient Coins. Go back through the pool.

You’ll see where to use your new keystone; place it in the wall and enter the unlocked door. Continue through the next door as well. Walk through the archway on the right and you’ll find yourself in a room with a large mirror across the middle. There are three statues in a row; you’ll need to pull each one out, and then push it towards the archway. When the third statue is removed, a hole in the wall will reveal itself at the end of the corridor where the statues were; inspect it. Three panels will be revealed on the floor. Push one statue onto each panel. Go back to the room where you used the keystone, and go through the middle door, which is now unlocked. Inspect the hole in the opposite wall to trigger two staircases.

Go down either set of stairs, and loot the treasure chest in the fancy bedroom. This will unlock panels behind the two statues in the room. Push the statues onto the panels, which will unlock a door upstairs.

Head back up and go through the third door in the room with the keystone. You’ll now face a series of narrow, winding hallways. Keep following them down and around until you finally come to a door. Enter it to complete the temple and find four chests. Loot them. The one in the middle has the artifact you’re looking for, but a piece is missing; deliver it to Abi Yat Sen. You’ll discover that local Xi Yuan has the missing piece. Find Xi on your map. You’ll have to be friendly with her before she gives you the piece, but after a few minutes of conversation, she’ll hand it over. Return to Abi Yat Sen and your mission will be complete.

Assisting an Elder: Biyu Shen

Assisting an Elder: Biyu Shen wants three ancient or older Chinese relics for his elderly grandfather. You can find them by exploring the tombs around Shang Simla, or just buy them from the relic merchant. When you’ve got the relics, deliver them to Biyu. Now she wants you to get an item that her grandfather loaned to Bao Louie. Find Bao Louie and talk to him to get the item, then deliver it to Biyu. She’ll tell you that her grandfather is a descendant of the First Emperor’s imperial guardsman, and gives you a keystone. Next up, go to the Tomb of the First Emperor. At the bottom of the hill with the army statues on it, there is a staircase leading below ground; descend it. Use the keystone to uncover another set of stairs; when you go down, you’ll be told to report back to Biyu. She’ll give you a key to the tomb, but you’ll need a monk’s incantation before it’s active. Go to Bao Louie. After the key is blessed, take it back to Biyu, who will instruct you to return to the tomb and retrieve the family’s Ancient Spear.

Go back to the large room in the Tomb of the First Emperor. Before using the keystone, push the statue on the right side onto the panel behind it. This will reveal a staircase on the other side—go down it, avoiding traps in the center area. Step on the panel and follow the new staircase up, where you can grab some Coins and use another panel to disarm traps. Go back downstairs, and use the other panel to unveil another set of stairs. Again, go up and use the panel to disable the rest of the traps in the room. Now go back to the big room, and loot the treasure chests in the center.

After that, use your keystone in the door at the far end of the room. Go through the door and loot the chest in the middle; this will reveal two secret doors. Enter the left one first. Be careful to only walk on the green carpet in this room, as you’ll set off traps otherwise that can’t be disabled. In the treasure chest in one end is a star-shaped keystone; grab it. Push the statue towards the other side, where there are three panels; put the statue on the middle one to disable the traps here and reveal a staircase. Head down and use the star keystone to go through the door.

Use Pangu’s Axe to smash the boulder and loot the chests. Then dive into the pool and swim through. You can loot these tombs and find some treasure, as well as another key, but look out for mummies! At this point, your athletic and martial arts skills should be high enough that you can take one in a fight. Go back through the tunnel and up the stairs, then back to the room with the white chest in the middle.

You can use your new key here, but first go into the secret door on the right and inspect the hole in the wall, being careful to only tread on the green. This unlocks the staircase, but you’ll be stuck with all the traps in the room! If you’re a high level martial artist (which you should be by now), meditate until you can zeniport across the room where it’s safe. You can also use escape dust from the special merchant if you have any on hand. Go down the stairs. There are traps here as well, but you can attempt to cross them to get to the foot panel. Stand on it to disable the traps, as well as unlocking a staircase in another area. Go back up the stairs.

Go through the locked door using the new keystone; go down the stairs and step on the panel in front of you. Ascend the stairs that appear in front of you, and loot the lone treasure chest by the fence. It has the spear you want. Examine the other chests and tomb for more treasure, and then return to Biyu. Finally, your mission is complete.

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