The Sims 3: University Life social influence guide


Comic books, video games, superior intellect… being a nerd in The Sims is a lot like being a nerd in real life. Here’s how to max out your nerd social level and what you’ll get.


  • Ask other Nerds about their degrees.
  • Share gross videos from your smartphone with Nerds (you can do this from your phone or using the social interaction, which is found under “funny”).
  • Use pick-up lines on Nerds.
  • Boast about your gaming skills (though this might upset people) or enthuse about comic books to other Sims.
  • Once unlocked, challenge other Nerds to trivia challenges. Your chances of winning depend on the levels of both Nerds in the challenge.
  • Use the mind meld once you’ve earned it to advance your relationships and find out more about your fellow Sims.
  • Play video games either on a console or computer, and play online as often as you can (preferably with another Nerd, online gaming boosts relationships).
  • Solve equations on a whiteboard; these are typically found in lecture halls, though you can buy one for your own home.
  • Do scientific research at school or home.
  • Hang out at the comic shop in the university sub-city; it’s a great place to meet Nerds, and you can buy and read lots of comics there.


  • Level 1: New social interactions: Boast about gamer skillz; enthuse about comic books; berate ignorance.
  • Level 2: Receive the Maxoid Game Simulator 2-1/2 console and the ability to play games online.
  • Level 4: Issue a trivia challenge.
  • Level 6: Use the mind meld social interaction.
  • Level 8: Receive a social trait.
  • Level 10 (max): Get a career offer: video game developer.


With a penchant for keggers and bonfires, maybe jocks just have more fun. If you want to be an athletic party animal, here are the steps to take and the rewards you’ll receive.


  • Play collegiate sports in the stadium.
  • Play table tennis or juice pong on the ping pong table.
  • Hang out at the bowling alley to increase your bowling skill while meeting other Jocks.
  • Use the flying disc.
  • Throw lots of juice kegger and bonfire parties (you’ll have to buy the appropriate items), and attend as many as you can. If you’re hosting, make sure you keep the keg full and the bonfire burning! Keg stands are also a great way to improve influence.
  • Complete jock opportunities, which usually arise at parties with quick deadlines.
  • Perform the school cheer.
  • Take photos of yourself or others with the smartphone.


  • Level 1: Gain the “tell a friend how cool I am” social interaction.
  • Level 2: Gain the abilities to do the school cheer and host juice keggers.
  • Level 4: Take self-portraits with your smartphone and host bonfires.
  • Level 6: Receive Rent-a-Party opportunities.
  • Level 8: Receive a social trait.
  • Level 10 (max): Get a career offer: sports agent.


Damn the man! You don’t care for authority, and you’re ready to show the world. Get your picket signs ready, because you’re about to turn your rebellious side into a way to get ahead.


  • Organize successful protests, and later on host rowdy ones. Use the podium to keep the crowd riled and engaged during each one.
  • Give an impassioned speech with the podium.
  • Dare other Sims to do crazy things.
  • Add special herbs to food recipes.
  • Gossip about your roommates and use pick-up lines on other Rebels.
  • Rant or proclaim your love with your megaphone.
  • Go dumpster diving—as a bonus, you might find some cool junk in there.
  • Use the street art kit to leave tags or murals around town while boosting your street art skill.


  • Level 2: Get the street art bag and megaphone, as well as the ability to sell test answers to others.
  • Level 4: You’ll become more likely to get away with cheating; use the podium to say what’s wrong with the world or stage a hunger strike.
  • Level 6: Get a rebel phone skin, show off your new gizmo, and stage a rowdy protest.
  • Level 8: Gain a social trait.
  • Level 10 (max): Get a career offer: art appraiser.
Sarah LeBoeuf

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