Silent Hill HD Collection release date sees further 2-week delay

Silent Hill: HD Collection's release date has slipped once again, this time to March 20. Last intended for release next week, the cult collection of awful-trip-simulators will be held back a couple of extra weeks for reasons not given by Konami. Given the Silent Hill series' usual means of communication (cursed radios, unholy sigils, pyramid-crowned ritual murder), a simple “meh, not telling just now” really isn't so bad.

Above: Two more weeks to figure out what the hell's going on here? Sold

The revised date still places the HD Collection's date within March, allowing March of 2012 to retain its arbitrary distinction as the most Silent Hill-intensive month in living memory. The Collection will now creep groaning on to shelves right between the March 20 release date of Silent Hill: Downpour and March 27's release of action-centric Vita spinoff Silent Hill: Book of Memories.