Three different Silent Hill games come out in March, including HD Collection and Downpour

Though the series hasn’t had a new game in some time, we’re currently on the verge of an avalanche of Silent Hill titles. After several delays it looked like 2012 would begin with three months straight of Silent Hill games. Then that fell apart with the delay of Silent Hill HD and with another delay for the PS Vita Silent Hill, it now appears Konami is gambling that gamers worldwide are so starved for Silent Hill, they have the appetite for three different new releases this March.

The foggy onslaught begins on March 6 with the long-awaited launch of Silent Hill HD Collection for 360 and PS3, which includes fancier versions of Silent Hill 2 and 3. After spending quality time with Hills of old, on March 13 comes the PS3/360 launch of the brand new adventure Silent Hill Downpour. The month ends with Silent Hill: Book of Memories on the PS Vita coming March 27, which is a unique top down adventure developed by WayForward.

Based on the multiple delays all these games have faced, here’s hoping Konami can actually stick to these dates. In the meantime, we recently had a few guided playthroughs with the Silent Hill devs on these games. Take a look:

Henry Gilbert

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