Sharp Vice City Stories shots

Monday 23 October 2006
This fresh batch of in-game shots from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories shows off leading man Vic Vance's natty taste in tailoring, a bunch of Confederate flag-worshipping white trash you'll be running missions with and a dozy looking biker bloke in a spiked first world war helmet - brill. Hit the images tab to treat yourself to the new views.

If you're unfamiliar with Vice City Stories, check out our latest preview for the lowdown on what could be PSP's best ever game. VCS is out next week, with helicopters, jet-skis and bigger missions to beef up the already excellent action we loved in previous handheld GTA, Liberty City Stories. Expect to see a review soon.

Above: It's not as in-depth as San Andreas but Vice City Stories lets you dress up Vic in an assortment of '80s garb