Sega GT 2002 Cheats

Sega GT 2002 Unlockables

  • Xbox | Submitted by fanasticheeter

    Unlock and Get Charger

    Drag race

    Beat the drag race series

  • Xbox | Submitted by Phil Jacobson

    Get Ferrari

    Buy (any) Lotus and put all the speed gears into it take the Lotus race with it in the first official race 3 times and get in first all 3 times if you do this you then take the Lotus and put it up for sale for 1,000 dollars when some1 buys it you will get the money then you go to buy a car go to the Mercedes dealer and buy the first car in line and it will turn into a Ferrari with 1,000 horse power! (the first time you race it will look like the Mercedes you bought but then the second race you will have a Ferrari and you will be able to change its color to any color in the world!

Sega GT 2002 Hints

  • Xbox | Submitted by iam(not)gameenough

    Get Extra Money

    Any race

    Complete the race with no damage note:some have more extra money than others.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Alex C

    Hints 101

    Try not to get discouraged when taking the license test, believe me I know your pain. It took me 50 tries to get my B license. When doing a test try to follow the tire marks on the road they will show you the most efficient route.

    The Pougoet can get you all the way to stage 3 with full upgrades. Then I would recommend getting a Integra Type-R or a Mazda RX-7.

    Don't save your money for the big expensive cars at first. Use the money to upgrade the cars you have now. The supercars in this game are very hard to drive just like in real life. Plus the games adjusts the difficulty in many, but not all races to compensate.

    When up grading cars don't just go for the big horse power. There are other important things like suspension, brakes, and tires that you should be upgraded.

    Only upgrade cars that you know you are going to use a lot.

    Keep a careful eye on the condition of your parts, stay on top of them, otherwise you will find your self overhauling your parts rather then spending your money on that brand new turbo, or racing tires.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Erik


    Simple you simple win the ALfa Romeo Tipo 33/2 STardale. At Dancing Horizon Cup (Sun Orchard Park) - Alfa Romeo Tipo 33/2 Stradale. Once you get it you can sell it from 327,000 to 600,000 dollars. (Notice the higher the price the longer it takes to sale)

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Car Strategy

    First win the dodge charger and the Chevrolet cheval at the drag races. Then sell the Chevrolet. Use the money to buy a quick handling and fast car. Upgrade them both to the max. Use the dodge strictly for drag racing since it can't turn that quick. Use the other car for the other more complicated races.

  • Xbox | Submitted by c2_11


    This is a perfect way to go if you are having trouble at the beginning. What you do is go to buy a car go to Peugeot and get the 206 2.0 s16. after you get that go win the hot hatch event its easy just keep coming back until it looks like Daytona race way (or an oval) win the race you don't have to get the special prize or anything just win the race and get the car put a big turbo in the car you you won then race it in the drag race you should win and once you get the dodge charger you are on your own.

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Race Strategy

    Don't be intimidated by the more complicated races. You will find they are a lot more fun and easier than you think for example the winding road race looks very hard but the truth is it isn't. If you are going for money I recommend doing the other event races because the winding road race loses a lot of money to damage repair and you don't start with a lot of money anyway.

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    How to Get Nitrous Without Losing at the Drags

    You know how the code for Nitro's says to lose at the Drags? Well you could do this if you wanted to get the Nitro's Really Fast and gain another day on your record or you could make some money off of it. First you win a race or lose the race,( I don't Know if it works when you lose), or exit one on a day ending in a 5. Then you go to the Used Parts Shop on a day ending in a 6, of course, And the nitro's will be there under the " ? " , BUT here's the long part. You have to go in and out a bunch of times, some more than others like 2 to 4 times or more, a lot more. One time I had to do it about 15 times. SO PLEASE HAVE SOME PATIENCE WITH YOUR GAME, I know I almost quit tiring.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Brandon Hammond

    Big Horsepower

    If you want big horsepower to show off to your friends clear the second season then by any car that could race the 90's event fully modify the car because neither of the cars will be fast enough. So race the 90's event and come in first then you will win a Ford GT 90 and the standard horsepower is 719 then fully modify the car and it's horsepower should be 900-1100 plus if you still don't have a turbine step 3 race the monster B event and you will get it and that will get you to 1200-1400 but even if this car has a lot of horse power it will still lose in the drag races but it does pretty good in the other races it's usually the acceleration that doesn't do to good but you'll have fun.

  • Xbox | Submitted by adj

    Hint: Nitrous

    To get the nitrous from the used parts shop, you will have to lose at the drag races on a day ending with "5". For example, 305,15, etc. Return to the screen for the parts shop after the drag race. It will now be 306,16,etc. There will be a question mark at the end of all the parts, after the turbos. If your car has a turbo or if it does not appear, get out then go back in and it should appear.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Eksman


    It seems to me that very few people know how to accquire the special prizes in the EVENT races(seasons 1 and 2).
    All that is required is for you to gain 3 or more places ON THE LAST LAP i.e if you are 4th on the penultimate lap you need to finish first to recieve the special prize. As most of the races in event mode are 2 laps all you need to do is to cross the line in 4th on the first lap and make it up to first to recieve the special prize. This is usually best achieved by entering a fast car(one that u can easily win with) and holding up the rest of the opponents, so that they are bunched together, making sure u cross the line in 4th or lower. As they are close together it should make it easier to pass them!

  • Xbox | Submitted by Shadow

    Super Racing Muffler

    Clear the second season then race the hatchback event. If you raced the hatchback event before doing so, you may not perform this trick correctly.

    After you clear the second season buy a Civic TypeR 02 and fully modify the car. Race the hatchback event and come in first.

  • Xbox | Submitted by halo god

    Free parts

    As long as you have the exact same amount of money for an item you will not be charged for it and will keep your money. this will not work for cars however.

  • Xbox | Submitted by djj

    Quick start

    Get a six gear car. Top it out with the maximum HP, ten test it out in the Sega Drag race. Make sure you get your car in a Manual Transmission. Start out with sixth gear, and accelerate just before the last second. When you go up to 40 mph, shift down to third and make your way up the gears.

  • Xbox | Submitted by adj

    Easy Money

    Unlock the GT40 Concept car from the Season 1 Official Races. You can buy it for $150,000 then sell it for $185,000 to $195,000. It only takes about one or two game days to sell it, for a $35,000 to $45,000 profit.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Jaffa of the SpornEX


    If you don't think that the little testing wring is enough, after you've bought your car and you want to test it, go into quick battle and single player. Go to garage and load your career then choose the car you want to test. Then choose a track (Iron City Circuit is a good one) and select two laps and very easy.
    There you go, an easy way to test cars to their potential. (for testing two cars just do the same except select dual battle but you must have two controllers)

  • Xbox | Submitted by Adj

    Prize Car and Part List

    ====== Official Races - First Season ======
    (stage - race #)

    1-1 Speed Ring 2002

    1-2 Tide Street Battle
    COSMO SPORT (126/96.1/FR) Mazda

    1-3 Rampart Cup

    2-1 Spirit Hawk Cup
    1000TCR BERLINA CORSA (79/65.0/RR) Fiat

    2-2 Imperial Garden 2002

    2-3 Desert Heat Cup
    Abarth 131 Rally (138/130.1/FR) Fiat/70's

    Stage 2 Completion
    [Unlock Nissan Z432R]

    3-1 The Emerald Challenge
    SKYLINE GT-R RACING (177/134.4/FR) Nissan/70's

    3-2 Windmill Cup
    300SL (236/202.4/FR) Mercedes-Benz

    3-3 Burning Wheel Cup
    zero (143/151.8/MR) DOHMU/70's/Supercar

    3-4 Summer Solstice Cup
    SAVANNA RX-3 RACING (147/112.7/FR) Mazda/70's

    4-1 Dancing Horizon Cup
    Tipo33/2 (226/151.8/MR) Stradale/Supercar

    4-2 Eagle Flight
    MUSTANG GT390 (324/289.2/FR) Ford

    4-3 Ironside International
    [Unlock Racing Tires]

    Stage 4 Completion
    [Unlock Ford GT Concept]

    5-1 Rolling Flame Cup
    [Unlock Racing Intercooler]

    5-2 Autumn King Battle
    240Z RACING (295/274.7/FR) Nissan/70's

    5-3 Raging Typhoon
    Impreza 22B STi Ver (276/267.5/4WD) Subaru/90's

    5-4 Ardent World Cup
    SUPER SEVEN R500R (226/154.7/FR) Caterham

    5-5 The Huntsmen International
    FORD GT (379/329.7/MR) Ford/Supercar

    6-1 World Tournament
    Dodge Viper GTS/R (500/499.6/MR) Dodge/Supercar

    ====== Official Races - Second Season ======

    1-1 Windmill Cup

    1-2 Autumn King Battle
    [Unlock Super Racing Tires]

    1-3 Tide Street Battle

    2-1 Eagle Flight
    [Unlock Stage 4 Weight Reduction]

    2-2 Dancing Horizon Cup

    2-3 Ironside International
    [Unlock Super Racing Intercooler]

    2-4 Ironside International

    3-1 Raging Typhoon
    [Unlock Original Tuned Suspension]

    3-2 Summer Solstice Cup

    3-3 Rampart Cup
    [Unlock Super Racing Brakes]

    4-1 Spirit Hawk Cup

    4-2 Burning Wheel Cup

    4-3 Ardent Wind Cup

    4-4 Imperial Garden 2002

    5-1 Rolling Flame Cup

    5-2 Speed Ring 2002

    5-3 Desert Heat Cup

    5-4 The Emerald Challenge

    6-1 World Tournament

    ====== Event Races - First Season ======
    (1st = 1st place prize, Spc = Special Prize)

    Drag Race:
    1st: Charger (424/477.2/FR) Dodge
    Spc: Chevelle (449/498.9/FR) Chevy/70's

    90's Battle:
    Spc: RX-7 Type RZ (IV) (261/216.9/FR) Mazda/90's

    80's Battle:
    1st: MID 4 (226/206.0/4WD) Nissan/80's
    Spc: Supra 2800GT (167/89.6/FR) Toyota/80's

    70's Battle:
    1st: JAGUAR mk2 (216/115.6/FR) Jaguar
    Spc: CELICA RACING (172/119.3/FR) Toyota/70's

    Hot Hatch:
    1st: Clio Sport V6 24V (226/216.9/MR) Renault/Hatch
    Spc: 205 T16 (197/187.9/4WD) Peugeot/80's/GroupB

    Super Car Battle:
    1st: TOYOTA 2000GT (147/130.1/FR) Toyota/Supercar
    Spc: ESPRIT (1977) (159/129.4/MR) Lotus/70's/Supercar

    ====== Event Races - Second Season ======

    Super Car Battle:
    1st: CASPITA (449/267.5/MR) Jiotto/80's/Supercar

    90's Battle:
    1st: FORD GT90 (719/659.4/MR) Ford/90's/Supercar

    Group B Monsters:
    1st: [Unlock Turbine Stage 3]
    Spc: MR2 Group S (493/216.9/4WD) Toyota/80's

    Touring Car:
    Spc: [Unlock NA Tune Stage 3]

    Winding Road Race:
    1st: STARION 4WD RALLY (345/253.0/4WD) Mitsubishi/80's/GroupB