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Search between a mysterious hatch, a giant rock lady, and a precarious flatbed - Fortnite Season 7 Week 8 Challenge

If you've been following Fortnite (opens in new tab) for the last few seasons, then at some point you've probably been wondering what the mysterious hatch in Wailing Woods is actually for? It doesn't actually go anywhere, or link up to the bunker hidden under the nearby maze, and until now it's not really had any purpose. That's all changed with the Fortnite Battle Pass Challenges (opens in new tab) for Season 7 Week 8, as it's now one of the locations for a geographic treasure hunt. As well as the hatch in grid I3, you'll also need to consider the giant rock lady found on a hill in grid I4 and the flatbed hanging loosely over the nearby cliff in grid J3. Find the centre point from all three of their locations and you'll have your destination, which we'll reveal for you below.

Search between a mysterious hatch, a giant rock lady, and a precarious flatbed in Fortnite

To get started, you want to head to the area just east of Wailing Woods in grid J3. There's plenty of snow on the ground at the moment, but this will actually help you spot the location you need.

Approach from the east for the clearest view of the area, then look for the large hill on the outskirts of Wailing Woods roughly level with the maze.

Search between a mysterious hatch, a giant rock lady, and a precarious flatbed Battle Stars location

The bare patch of ground on this hill overlooking Wailing Woods should stand out super clearly against the crisp white snow, and this is where your hidden Battle Stars will appear when you approach. Grab them then head down into the woods, where you'll find several vehicles to escape on or a whole bunker system underneath the maze to explore.

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