Saw theme park ride on the way

Fans of the Saw franchise will be happy to learn that Thorpe Park is launching a rollercoaster based on the films next year.

While we usually have to cross the pond to ride big movie-based theme park attractions, the UK is getting the first shot at Saw - The Ride, which will launch next spring.

Promising to be the "scariest ride in the world", Saw features loops, twists and its scare centrepiece, a 'beyond vertical' drop of 100 degrees from a height of 100ft, according to the official site . But hopefully it doesn't end with riders being sent screaming into a giant Saw.

Total Accuracy

"I’m a huge fan of horror films and am utterly relishing creating the scariest ride in the world. Anybody who has sat through a Saw film scared and terrified beyond belief will have some idea of what’s in store for them at Thorpe Park. Saw – The Ride is going to be shocking and intense…both physically and psychologically… and is sure to give you nightmares," enthuses the ride's creative director, Candy Holland.

“We have worked in close collaboration with Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures on this project to ensure total accuracy of the key elements of the Saw films, which when combined with the latest rollercoaster technology will create a phenomenal ride experience.”

The fifth film in the series opens on 24th October. We fully expect the ride to spawn at least 10 further rides, given how quickly the film franchise pumps out entries.

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