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Save $100 on this 32-inch 1440p curved Dell gaming monitor as Best Buy competes with Prime Day

Save $100 on this 32-inch 1440p curved Dell gaming monitor as Best Buy competes with Prime Day
(Image credit: Dell)

Some of the best Amazon Prime Day deals can be found outside of Amazon itself, as evidenced by the fantastic offer on this 32" 1440p Dell gaming monitor at Best Buy. As spotted by our friends at PC Gamer, Best Buy has it for $100 off at just $349.99, which is mighty enticing given the specs on this thing. 

At 32", this is one of the bigger monitors in Dell's roster, especially in the curved department, but it doesn't sacrifice speed or clarity. Its 1440p resolution will prevent any of the stretching you sometimes see on larger monitors, and its 165Hz refresh rate will keep things crisp. It's a bit more middle-of-the-pack on response time at 4ms, but unless you're literally in the finals of a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive championship, that's more than enough.  

Dell 1440p 165Hz 32" gaming monitor | $349.99 at Best Buy
With a big 32" curved screen, 165Hz refresh rate and 4ms response time, this is a great all-rounder 1440p monitor. A few short years ago, specs like these were impossible at this price point, and this is a bargain even by today's standards.

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Dell 1440p 165Hz 32" gaming monitor | £379 at Amazon UK
With this deal, UK buyers can get a competitive discount on the same great monitor. You're still getting the 165Hz refresh rate to go with that 4ms response time. Just move quickly, as stock is low.

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It's also worth noting that this monitor supports FreeSync, AMD's version of Nvidia G-Sync. These are essentially more robust and baked-in versions of V-Sync, which games use to match their frame rate to your monitor's refresh rate. There's a bit of rock-paper-scissors arrangement between these three technologies, but with FreeSync being AMD's method, it's best paired with an AMD graphics card. That said, this monitor will look and run perfectly fine on any system. 

Best Buy has a great deal on this monitor in the US, but while Amazon does carry it, it's currently only available new through third-party sellers in the US, and only at the standard price of $450. However, Amazon UK has it listed for £71 off at £379, which is a pretty comparable discount. At the time of writing, this monitor is low on stock at Amazon UK, but the store is expecting more so it's safe to lock in your order now. 

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