Saturday Link-A-Mania

Item! New pictures from the movie Push have been released. Push is an action thriller in the Heroes mould, concerning a manipulative government agency recruiting agents who have developed unusual telekinetic powers. It stars Chris Evans and Dakota Fanning, and you can view the trailer here too. We'll be doing more on Push in a future issue of SFX.

Item! Our sister site is commenting on a viral site which hints at a casting choice for the new Wonder Woman . The question is - is it for real? It's certainly in the mould of the early campaign for The Dark Knight. It's not due until 2011 and shouldn't be confused with the 2009 direct-to-DVD animated movie starring the voices of Keri Russell, Nathan Fillion and Alfred Molina. What do you think? Is some big cast revelation coming? And who would you like to see in the role?

Item! Kevin Sorbo is about to start shooting The Illuminati, in which he'll play a renegade assassin for that ancient secret society. US sci-fi site io9 has an interview with Sorbo on the subject:

"[My] character, Thomas Mant, is an elite warrior, bred to be one thing: a killer. He's trained in all forms of martial arts and weaponry, and has no emotion when it comes to carrying out orders that he's given by a secret group determined to rule the world called The Illuminati. [It is] an actual secret society that was formed in Bavaria in the 1700s - its mission was to form a New World Order. [Still] today, many around the world completely believe the Society went underground and survived and still exists, and operates as a shadow government controlling world events."

Sorbo will be appearing at San Diego's Comic Con for the very first time next year to promote it, and there will also be a tie-in comic. Read the rest over at io9 , who, incidentally, have this great Doctor Who-inspired t-shirt for sale.

Item! And finally. The folk at Boing Boing point us in the direction of a $20 kit for making your own alternate universes . Using quantum theory and with reference to Schrödinger's poor pussy, the home experiment kit uses a piece of uranium-doped glass to create a steam of alpha particles, which are then detected using a thin sliver of crystal. Each detection causes the creation of a new universe. Have fun!

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