Sam and Dean battle The Darkness in Supernatural S11 trailer

The Winchesters have been to hell and back several times across ten seasons, and their never-ending quest to rid the world of its demonic forces shows no signs of petering out in this first trailer for Supernatural season 11.

As the final moments of season 10 hinted at, a new threat in season 11 starts turning people evil - so, pretty standard Supernatural fare so far. The pre-Biblical villain might share a name with a glam rock act from the noughties, but its agenda transcends the folly of power ballads. Even Crowley gets a dig in about its moniker.

Good to see Castiel is still in the thick of it, albeit battling the Darkness as it tries to take him over, alongside Sam and Dean whose witty repartee is the only continued element of Supernatural that's yet to outstay its welcome. Whether their quips will help to summon God - who went missing several seasons ago - is another matter entirely.

If the sight of Sam getting tortured again doesn't put you off, head over to The CW on October 7 for Supernatural's season premiere.

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Gem Seddon

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