Ryan Reynolds closing deal to star in Deadpool movie

Fox looks to be making some moves with its forthcoming Deadpool movie, with Ryan Reynolds thought to be approaching a deal to star as the mouthy antihero.

Having appeared as Wade Wilson in X-Men: Origins, Reynolds also supplied the voice for the test footage that leaked earlier this year and has long been expected to play the role should a solo movie ever get off the ground.

Now Deadline is reporting that an agreement is close between the studio and Reynolds’ representatives, as the film’s 2016 release date grows steadily closer.

One thing that has yet to be confirmed is whether or not Fox will break with tradition and make the film with a view to an R-rating. It would certainly be a fan-pleasing move, although whether the studio would be willing to accept the box office hit remains to be seen.

Reynolds himself posted a cheeky tweet to mark the occasion...

George Wales

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