Ryan Murphy Reveals Details About "Funnier" American Horror Story Season 3

American Horror Story showrunner Ryan Murphy has promised that season three will be funnier, set in a variety of cities and will feature Jessica Lange as a “real glamour cat.”

Speaking at a special presentation of American Horror Story: Asylum 's finale (attended by ShockTillYouDrop ) he revealed that the writing staff start working on the third season on Monday.

Jessica Lange, Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson will all return, as will some actors from season one who were not in season two.

"I'm done with aliens," add Murphy. "I want to do something that's funnier. [Next season] is a mixture of several cities and it's really about female power. And I got Jessica to do it because I did everything she asked, which was the location. I also told her she'll have complete hair and make-up and the best designer gowns ever. She's going to play a really glamour cat sort of lady. I'm just now meeting with a lot of actors that Jessica wants to work with. She loves doing the show and I think she love the 13-episode nature of it so she can do other things."

Although not revealing precise details about the plot line, Murphy admit that it will be based on, “another thing – like the Asylum – I always liked as a kid. I come up with the story and it's always now crafted around Jessica”

Season three will also feature its own Rubber Man/Bloody Face icon but this one will be female. He also knows what character Sarah Paulson will be playing… but he hasn’t told her yet!

And here’s a titbit of news that will please our American Horror Story reviewer Will Salmon who’s been singing the praise of director Alfonso Gómez-Rejón ’s work on various episodes of Asylum . According to Murphy, Gómez-Rejón is getting a promotion: “He has a really great eye and we work really well together. We just did a deal for him to be a producer/director next season where he is probably going to direct every third episode, but definitely work with the directors to work on the visual style of the show."

Gómez-Rejón has also just been announced as the director of a remake of cult 1976 horror film The Town That Dreaded Sundown .

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