Ryan Gosling has a heart and gets the girl

Ryan Gosling is planning to keep himself busy with two new films added to his schedule: he’ll next work on Lars And The Real Girl and The Good Heart.

Lars And The Real Girl comes from the pen of Six Feet Under staff writer Nancy Oliver and will star Gosling as a lonely type who strikes up a relationship with his perfect girl. Who, er, just happens to be a plastic sex doll he bought on the Internet. Craig Gillespie will direct the movie in the autumn, and we just hope it’s entirely free of life lessons about not letting down the one you love.

But before he starts that, he’ll learn the tricks of the bar-owning trade from singer/actor Tom Waits. In The Good Heart, the crooner will play a grizzled (no shock there, then) bar owner who decides that, after suffering his fifth heart attack, he needs to find someone who will take over running his bar. His choice is a young homeless man named Lucas (Gosling).

Behind the camera will be Icelandic helmer Dagur Kari, who will be directing his first English-language film.