Russell Crowe joins The Next Three Days

Russell Crowe has signed on to star in The Next Three Days, which Paul Haggis has adapted from the 2008 French film Pour Elle.

The plot, which is taken from the original (below) sees Crowe playing a teacher whose wife gets nabbed for a murder that she claims she didn't commit.

Being the dutiful hubby, he comes up with a desperate plan to free her, which doesn't exactly do wonderful things for their relationship, according to the writer/director.

"The deeper theme here is, would you save the woman you loved if you knew that by doing so, you would turn into a man that woman could no longer love?," Haggis told Variety.

Once Crowe is finished shooting Ridley Scott's Robin Hood pic, he'll move on to Haggis' film, which kicks off in September.

[Source: Variety ]

Excited to see the pair working together? Or sick of yet more remakes?