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Russell Crowe is totally teasing playing Cable in Deadpool 2

Deadpool 2 might be getting closer to casting its Cable if Russell Crowe has his way. Cable has already been confirmed to appear in the sequel alongside three fan-favourite returning characters and the Merc with a Mouth and, as of yet, there’s been no word on who will be playing Cyclops’ son from the future (yeahhh, comics are weird). That hasn’t stopped actors, including Ron Perlman, lobbying for it – and now Russell Crowe’s getting in on the act after seeing a mockup of himself as Cable. Are you not entertained?!

A dedicated fan has picked up his pen and turned Russell Crowe into Cable and, once Crowe spotted it, he just had to let Deadpool/Cable creator Rob Liefeld know about it. The man knows how to get his way, I’ll give him that.

A quick glimpse at the fan art of Crowe as Cable may need some of you to cool your chimichangas to avoid an excitement overload. However, he certainly looks to fit the role perfectly – and Crowe would be a perfect straight man alongside Ryan Reynolds’ goofball Deadpool. 

This follows on from Rob Liefeld trying to pitch the role of Cable to Russell Crowe. Liefeld looked to have been shot down but then Crowe did a U-turn and tried to get Ryan Reynolds on board with the idea.

Would Russell Crowe be your pick for Cable in Deadpool 2? Or do you have someone else in mind? If only there was some sort of way to quantify opinions through some sort of poll-based vote…

Image: Fox/Marvel

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