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Rumour mill: Wachowskis planning top-secret pic

Those crafty brothers Wachowski. Not content with steering clear of the press at all times (they prefer to let producer/spokes gob Joel Silver and their actors do the talking for them), the Speed Racer writing/directing team are apparently plotting their next film in almost total secrecy.

The only way anyone has learned anything (and it’s not much) is MTV talking to Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions co-star Collin Chou (he played Seraph), who admitted that the creative duo have been in touch with him about a secret new film.

There are no details on the movie yet, but as MTV figures, it sounds like they’re getting back into the battle business, since Chou’s best known for his martial arts work. Want to guess that it might be their planned Ninja Assassin pic that James McTeigue is scheduled to direct? Only the brothers know. And they're not gabbing.