This gaming PC deal is the best way to get an RTX 3050 GPU right now

Gaming PC deals - RTX 3050 Skytech Shadow
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You can currently get an RTX 3050 rig at an aggressive price during Amazon's gaming PC deals. 

The Skytech Shadow, complete with an Intel i5 CPU, RTX 3050 GPU, and a 1TB NVMe SSD is down to just $930 (from $1,000) when you use the included coupon on the site listing. If you've been after current-generation ray tracing and DLSS performance, then this build is one of the better gaming PC deals that we've come across since the GPU debuted. 

RTX 3050 stock launched exactly one week ago in incredibly short supply across  both the US and UK. The entry-level Ampere GPU was designed to replace popular budget video cards from Nvidia's back catalog, including the GTX 1600 series. 

While the RTX 3050 is unlikely to go down as one of the best graphics cards for gaming, especially when stacked up against the rest of the Ampere GPU line, it's a decent performer if you can temper your expectations accordingly. The video card was built to target 1080p60 at high settings utilizing Nvidia's DLSS 2.0 to give a noticeable frame rate boost.

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Today's best RTX 3050 gaming PC deal

Skytech Shadow (RTX 3050) | $1,000

Skytech Shadow (RTX 3050) | $1,000 $930 at Amazon
$70 off with coupon -
This RTX 3050 PC deal is very competitive given the hardware inside here. The GPU itself has been in incredibly short supply since launch, so you're getting a stellar build for the money. Features: Intel Core i5-10400F, RTX 3050, 8GB RAM, 1TB NVMe SSD. 

We can tell you from our current testing that the RTX 3050 is a decent performer in Full HD. What's more, while not built for 1440p, there have been games that can take advantage of the higher resolution when Nvidia DLSS is utilized effectively - targetting 60 FPS. While you're not going to be blown away by high resolutions and higher frame rates, for what it sets out to do, this video card holds its own remarkably well in the current climate.

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