Roy Kent actor responds to Ted Lasso CGI theory: "I am a completely real normal human"

Ted Lasso
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He’s here, he’s there, he’s… CGI everywhere? It’s not exactly a chant that rolls off the tongue but, given recent events, it might just catch on at AFC Richmond.

The Ted Lasso fandom has been left dumbfounded thanks to a theory that Roy Kent is CGI. Perhaps mindful of letting such a thing snowball, Roy Kent actor Brett Goldstein has refuted any suggestion that he’s not a Real Human Man™.

With his tongue firmly placed in cheek, Goldstein took to Instagram to release a ‘statement’ on his human credentials. As you might expect from the gruff tough-tackler-turned-coach, the language gets a little coarse.

"There’s a fucking load of mad shit happening on the internet today," Goldstein said, neatly summing up every day in the past 25 years. "I just want to clear up something once and for all: I am a completely real normal human man who just happens to live in a VFX house and does normal human, basic things like rendering and buffering and transferring data."

Yes, the CGI face and references to rendering might sound suspicious, but he’s 100% the real deal. Just to confirm: he is not a product of VFX interns working day and night to render his magnificent facial hair.

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