Rick and Morty return to cheat death in first season 5 footage

Surprise! Adult Swim has stealthily released the first scene from Rick and Morty season 5, featuring references to Marvel, DC, and what almost turns out to be the worst day of Morty’s life.

The Rick and Morty season 5 “First Look” begins with Morty carrying a badly wounded Rick to safety on his ship – but not before the mad scientist catches a glimpse of a parallel universe where he and his grandson are Blade-style vampire hunters. Later, Morty discovers that Jessica does, in fact, like him and invites him round for a date. One small problem: he’s hurtling towards the Earth and is mid-crash landing when Jessica calls.

While the pair survive the crash, it’s simply a case of going out of the frying pan or into the fire – or should that be ocean? That’s because Rick is confronted by his supposed nemesis, the Aquaman rip-off, Mr. Nimbus.

While the Rick and Morty season 5 clip is clearly unfinished – it’s a handful of animated storyboards with voice work by Justin Roiland – it’s at least heartening to see that the show is already rolling again not long after season 4 finished.

Roiland even told Slash Film earlier this year that “season 5 is mostly in the can.” When coupled with an earlier-than-expected First Look, there’s a small chance that Rick and Morty will be able to show us what it’s got towards the end of the year in some capacity. Let’s just hope it involves Mr. Nimbus sleeping with the fishes.

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