Respawn is developing a "super exciting" new game

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Apex Legends and Titanfall developer, Respawn, is working on a "super exciting" new project.

Studio boss Vince Zampella recently retweeted a job advertisement from programmer Steven Kah Hein Wong, inviting would-be candidates to get involved in "an exciting new opportunity" that offers the chance to "get in early" on the team's all-new – and currently unannounced – game. 

As detailed by the software engineer job listing, the successful candidate will have "early involvement" in the new IP development, and get the chance "to join a compact incubation team currently developing a brand new IP". 

And they really do mean "compact" team, by the way – Steven Kah Hein Wong confirmed that right now, there are only five Respawn devs dedicated to the project.

As for what the project may be? Well, that's anyone's guess. But given its an IP being built "from scratch", it certainly appears to be outside of the universes of prior games like Titanfall and Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order. 

ICYMI, Apex Legends is coming to mobile devices later this year, with regional tests as soon as Spring 2021. 

Starting at some point in Spring 2021, a limited beta for Android players in the Philippines and India will be taking place, before eventually arriving in other regions at later dates. Game director Chad Grenier revealed this mobile version of the battle royale game is being reconstructed for mobile devices with touch-based controls, and so subsequently won't support cross-play with other platforms. 

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