Resident Evil 4 church puzzle solution and colored glass explained

Resident Evil 4 remake stained glass church light puzzle altar with dials
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The Resident Evil 4 church puzzle in the Remake is about rotating stained and colored glass to make the symbol of Los Illuminados with the RGB colours, though that's easier said than done. Once you get it right you'll be able to progress through the church and save Ashley, but after stretching your brain to make it here in the first place and obtain the Resident Evil 4 Church Key, a helping hand for this new church puzzle would be pretty fair. For that reason, we'll explain how to solve the Resident Evil 4 church puzzle and how you need to spin the glass to proceed.

Resident Evil 4 church puzzle and colored glass solution

To solve the Resident Evil 4 church puzzle, you must retrieve the missing blue dial, place it onto the altar, and then rotate the dials to make it so that the stained glass fits cleanly around the Las Plagas insignia with no gaps. Here’s exactly what you need to do:

  1. From the altar, head back down the church aisle, then turn left and head up the passage to collect the blue dial. Open the cabinet at the end of the passage to find the dial.

Resident Evil 4 stained glass church light puzzle map of blue dial location

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  1. Place the blue dial on the church altar. Now you have one red, one blue, and one green dial each controlling the rotation of the stained glass of the same color.
  2. Rotate the three stained glass colors so that it forms a complete image. There should be no white light showing through. My advice would be to focus on one color at a time and match the shards towards the center around the Las Plagas insignia. For example, there are quite a few green shards that are easy to match up with the limbs of the Las Plagas parasite.

Resident Evil 4 stained glass church light puzzle solution

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With the Resident Evil 4 church light puzzle solved, you can head through the now lowered gate and rescue Ashley! This also brings you to the end of Chapter 4, allowing you to begin your escape with the President’s daughter in Chapter 5. However, make sure you collect one of the Resident Evil 4 small keys that’s sitting on a table near the altar. You can use it to unlock some drawers in the safe room around the side of the church.

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