Red Dwarf Coronation Street Crossover

Strange as it may seem to say about a comedy, but it looks like the new Red Dwarf episodes may not be taking themselves as seriously as some fans would like. The Sun’s website has printed pics of filming taking place on the Coronation Street set – complete with a car pimped to look like Starbug 1 (although we reckon it looks more like Thunderbird 2). The article says: “Kryten (Robert Llewelyn) and the crew track down ex-boss Lister (Craig Charles) to Weatherfield — where Craig, 44, plays Lloyd.”

And predictably, fans on Dwarf website Ganymede and Titan have gone ballistic. "If they’re going for a Dwarf/Corrie crossover I may have to kill myself,” posted one. "I may be permanently traumatised!” wiled another.

But, hang on. Let’s calm down. Three points to consider:

1) This is Sun reporting for goodness sake, the paper that should have the wrong end of a stick as its logo.

2) Don’t forget how many times Doctor Who fans have been up in arms about similar tabloid "leaks” – remember when the papers were full of "Doctor Who turns up in Walford” stories that preceded "Army of Ghosts”? This may all be part of an elaborate, throwaway gag.

3) Red Dwarf has a long history of reality warping episodes. Maybe this is part of "Back To Reality” style VR experience with a post-modern twist?

On the other hand, it could just turn out to be a very bad idea, and we'll regret being apologists. But Doug Naylor has always struck us as the kind of guy who loves Red Dwarf too much to turn it into a "Dimensions In Time” farrago.