Red Dead Redemption 2 mod gives players a dog companion

Red Dead Redemption 2 dog
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Red Dead Redemption 2 players can now bring a dog along for the ride with this dog companion mod. 

Thanks to Shtivi who created and shared the mod on Nexus mods, Arthur Morgan can now travel all over the wild west with man’s best friend by his side. Players can also bond with the new pooch and even get it to assist them in minor missions along the way. 

The self-explanatory ‘Dog Companion’ mod does exactly what you’d expect by giving the player the skills necessary to befriend dogs out in the wild. According to the mod’s creator, all players need to do to activate this new addition to the game - after downloading the necessary extras of course - is find a dog they like in the wild, approach it, and pat it. Whilst interacting with the dog; the mod will then give the player a new “Bond” prompt, which when activated will trigger for the dog to join you on your journey. 

Some of the benefits of taking your canine companion on the road with you are featured on the mod’s page. For example, if players enter a building, their dog will sit and wait patiently for you outside. They'll also intervene in melee fights and attack your opponents, as well as other threatening animals . Speaking of wild animals, your companion will also use its senses to track down any animals you’re hunting, and respond to your calls so long as you’re not too far away from each other.

Like with real-life pets, players will need to keep their dog’s health in check. The mod adds a dedicated new core for the dog companion’s health which will cause the dog to slow down if his core drops too low. Don’t worry though, your dog can easily recover by being fed any prey you hunt.

The ability to interact with dogs is always a highly requested feature in many games and the fact that Shtivi’s mod already has 975 downloads since it was first uploaded a few days ago shows that Red Dead Redemption 2 is no exception. 

Still trying to decide whether or not to give this game a try? Take a look at our Red Dead Redemption 2 review to help you figure it out.

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