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Red Dead Online's latest update was probably designed by horses

(Image credit: Rockstar)

It's time for another Red Dead Online (opens in new tab) update, and this week Rockstar has focused on your four-legged friends. Log in this week to get a free box of virtual goodies for your horse.

"This week, all players will receive a Horse Care Package," said Rockstar (opens in new tab). "[It] includes Horse Reviver, a useful curative compound that you can keep handy in your Satchel in the unwanted event of your steed becoming seriously injured or incapacitated, two Horse Medicine that refill your horse’s health with a gold outer bar and two Horse Stimulants that grant a gold outer bar to your horse’s Stamina for those long rides through the open country, plus five oatcakes, five hay and five carrots, to make sure your hooved companion is well-fed." 

(Image credit: Rockstar)

As a further equine incentive, there's 20% off Stable Spaces - so you can collect more horses - and  20% off all horses under Rank 40. Collecting cars in GTA Online never did anything for me, but collecting pretty ponies? Hell yes. 

The additions to the Wheeler, Rawson And Co. Catalogue are all following the same theme too, with Alvarado Chaps, Gerden Morrow Spurs and a Descoteaux Hat on offer. 

Don't forget there's still time to score some Red Dead Online bonuses by linking your Rockstar Games Social Club account to Twitch. (opens in new tab)

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Rachel Weber
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