Red Dead Online player learns that modders can and will hurl naked NPCs at you

Red Dead Online
(Image credit: Rockstar Games)

Red Dead Online is no stranger to bored modders abusing their ill-gotten powers, but one player's NSFW encounter with a bunch of naked NPCs still came as quite the surprise.

Reddit user Allways_a_Misspell shared (opens in new tab) their strange tale this week. "I encountered a ridiculous bug the other night," they said. "Found some treasure in a tree then nude NPCs spawned in large groups, then a cougar spawned which immediately killed me and then the NPCs."

They later clarified that they were playing online and on PC, where modders and hackers run notoriously rampant, and other players were quick to point out that they hadn't encountered a bug but a modder with too much time on their hands and more power than they know what to do with. Even so the (again, NSFW) images they submitted as evidence are hysterical. 

It's the cut to the third image that really gets me. A bunch of naked men and women spawning out of nowhere? Bizarre, sure, but not too out of the ordinary for an online Rockstar game. But the framing of the third image suggests that one of the women that abruptly appeared later transformed into a cougar just as abruptly. Note the bemused gaze of the naked man to the left of the tree. That's a face that says, "Did that lady just turn into a cougar?" The same man is the first to turn and book it in the fourth image, now wearing an expression that says, "Oh, that lady definitely just turned into a cougar." Sadly, our protagonist was dumbstruck by the whole affair and couldn't convince his legs to move, and was consequently mauled by the wild west animorph. You hate to see it. Good story to tell at camp, though.  

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