Razer releases Pokemon-themed wireless headphones that charge in a Poke Ball

(Image credit: Razer / The Pokemon Company)

Razer is releasing Pikachu-themed wireless headphones that come with a nifty little Poke Ball-shaped charger. 

The yellow earbuds featuring Pikachu's signature silhouette and electric bolt have appeared on Razer's official Chinese website, where it shows that you can charge the neat little headphones inside of a Poke Ball. It's kind of funny when you think about the fact that Pikachu famously doesn't want to go inside a Poke Ball in the anime series, but still, they're certainly a great little accessory for any Pokemon fan out there. 

The limited-edition earbuds boast of being waterproof, too. It makes sense when you think about it. I mean, Pikachu is super effective against Water-type Pokemon… Okay, I'll stop. According to Gizmodo, these wireless headphones are set to launch in China on April 16, but there's no word on if these earbuds will release worldwide. With a $120 price tag, they look quite similar in design to Razer's Hammerhead true wireless headphones, albeit with a stylish Pikachu makeover. 

The earbuds would certainly be a great little accessory for any trainers playing Pokemon GO on their smartphones, or for listening to some tracks at home while you work. And honestly who doesn't want to be able to tuck their headphones away inside a Poke Ball? 

These earbuds follow in the footsteps of some other Pokemon-themed peripherals from Razer. Last year, the company released a Pikachu-themed keyboard and mouse, alongside an adorable mouse mat featuring the famous electric Pokemon. The keyboard and mouse were also only launched in China, so we may not see the earbuds get a worldwide release. Still, they're a great little set for anyone who loves Pikachu. 

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