Rare UK Nintendo Switch bundles spotted - and the price isn't bad either

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Update: stock on the original two bundles has just sold out, but if you hurry, a small number of alternative offers have appeared. You can find them at the official Nintendo store. If they don't take your fancy though, it might be worth considering checking out the Nintendo Switch Lite prices instead as an alternative as we are seeing some stock start to appear online at some stores. Here's a comparison chart with the latest offers for the handheld-only version of the Switch:

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Nintendo Switch bundles, or even the console on its own have been impossible to get a hold of in recent months, unless you've been happy to pay way over the usual RRP that is. Act fast though and you might just be able to take advantage of the limited numbers that have just appeared on the official Nintendo store. We've added links below, or keep reading and we'll tell you a bit more about what you're getting with these offers.

Let's put it this way, the last time we saw any retailer selling a Nintendo Switch deal for anything this low was actually at Laptops Direct, and it was charging £330 for the console alone. It's not been uncommon to see solo consoles going for more than £500 on Amazon lately too. Madness.

Make no mistake about it, the RRP of the Nintendo Switch is £280, so those numbers are insane and we'd never advise buying at that price, so we certainly didn't shout out to you about those prices. And usually, we only really like to write about Nintendo Switch bundle deals when they save you a decent bit of cash over buying all the items individually. Thanks to Coronovirus impacting Nintendo's manufacturing line and even more people being stuck at home looking for something fun to pass the time with, we've not seen sensibly priced Switch stock for most of this year.

So, the fact that one of these bundles includes the still rather new, and very excellent Animal Crossing: New Horizons, means we're surely looking at this being gone by the end of the day. The bundle isn't really saving you any money off the RRP, but you're not being overcharged, which is an exceptionally rare thing in these times.

Nintendo Switch bundles

Nintendo Switch | Zelda: Breath of the Wild | carry case and analog caps | £339.99 at Nintendo

Nintendo Switch | Zelda: Breath of the Wild | carry case and analog caps | £339.99 at Nintendo
This bundle is a tenner more than the others thanks to the addition of the analog cap grips, which you might not even need to be honest. But if the other Switch bundles sell out, this might be your last chance to get one for a while. And hey, you'll just have to console yourself with the fact that Zelda is, by far and away, the finest game the Switch has.

Nintendo Switch | Animal Crossing | carry case | £329.98 at Nintendo

Nintendo Switch | Animal Crossing | carry case | £329.98 at Nintendo
This game has been Nintendo's biggest hit of the year so far and features calming, and casual gaming at its finest that will keep you entertained for months on end.

Nintendo Switch | Mario Kart 8 | carry case | £329.98 at Nintendo

Nintendo Switch | Mario Kart 8 | carry case | £329.98 at Nintendo
Mario Kart 8: Deluxe Edition was a launch title for the Switch, so we don't feel you're quite getting the same value here. That being said, it's held its price remarkably well, and if you don't fancy the other game, this is an excellent alternative. And you can play it in multiplayer straight out of the box with no extra purchase required.

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