Rage on Windows Phone 7? Not likely, but maybe

Microsoft is playing up the gaming capabilities of Windows Phone 7 in a big way, but it may not be able to deliver the goods the big players in the gaming space want. John Carmack of id Software is already dismissing the new platform.

Windows Phone 7 will integrate with Xbox Live, and essentially be Microsoft's answer to the DS and PSP, as well as the iPhone. But Carmack noted thatthe devicehas no native support for C++ programming, which is used for every game on the developer's docket. As such, "Odds of a win7 phone port [of Rage] are very low," he said in a tweet.

The developer committed to releasing a version of Rage, its ambitious PC shooter, on the iPhoneearlier this year. It's one of the boldest moves for iPhone gaming yet.

Android people are probably the most likely next group to see the game pop up in their app stores. "I am going to take a stab at bringing Rage up on Android soon, but we have NOT committed to a product," continued Carmack.

Fellow id creations Doom and Quake have already found homes on the iPhone, but this move to incorporate the iPhone right alongside development with a brand new, state-of-the-art PC game, could be a huge push forward for mobile games.


Nov 1, 2010