Rachel Weisz getting swindled by The Brothers Bloom

When Brick director Rian Johnson started talking up his follow-up, The Brothers Bloom, we got excited.

It’s the tale of two brothers (shock, that, given the title), who grow up in foster homes and learn to survive on the streets by becoming master con artists. But after years of success, the younger of the pair decides he’s had enough of the life of crime and announces he’s going to retire. But – this being a con artist film – he’s persuaded by his older sibling to risk one last job.

Their final con will be swindling Penelope, an eccentric millionaire, out of enough money to support them for life.

And now Johnson has selected Oscar-scooper Rachel Weisz as Penelope, there’s even more reason to celebrate. All we have to hope now is that he makes smart choices with the rest of the cast. He plans to kick off shooting early next year.

Weisz, meanwhile, will next be seen in The Fountain and has just finished work on Wong Kar Wai’s My Blueberry Nights, with Jude Law.