Race visuals roar in

Wednesday 15 November 2006
Here's a brand new trailer and a grid-full of shots for Race, the officially-licensed World Touring Car Championship simulator from GT Legends developer SimBin. Hit the movies tab above to see the footage, or click on the images tab to see more shots.

Above: Race features all the WTCC's teams, tracks and drivers from the 2006 season

Race is hurtling towards its release next Friday, 24 November, and will bring you 60 cars and 10 licensed tracks from Brands Hatch to Monza, and - best of all - a whopping 26-player online multiplayer race mode.

We're expecting big things from this latest SimBin venture, and we'll have Race: The Official WTCC Game (yes, that is its full, ridiculous name) lined up for a review soon.