Quantic Dream's next game is reportedly based on a nearly decade-old tech demo

The Dark Sorcerer
(Image credit: Quantic Dream)

Quantic Dream is reportedly working on a comedy game based on the Dark Sorcerer demo released at E3 2013.

That's according to Twitter leaker AccountNGT, who accurately leaked Quantic Dream's Star Wars Eclipse ahead of its recent reveal. AccountNGT claims that this "humor-based" fantasy title will be developed in parallel with Star Wars Eclipse, and describes it as a cross-gen release focusing on interactive and non-linear storytelling built on the writing of studio head David Cage. The kicker is that while it's apparently "more advanced" than Star Wars Eclipse, it's said to be based on The Dark Sorcerer: A Next-Gen Comedy, a tech demo which Quantic Dream debuted at E3 2013. 

Reliable leaker Tom Henderson corroborated much of AccountNGT's report, but stressed that they aren't positive on "some of the more finite details" which remain subject to change. However, they did add that this game is purportedly codenamed "Dreamland." 

The Dark Sorcerer is a short animated skit which basically depicts the in-universe filming of a video game. A hapless actor is repeatedly tripped up by glitches, pyrotechnics, and other fourth wall-breaking issues while trying to shoot a summoning ritual, ultimately storming off the stage only to be replaced by his goblin sidekick. Its gags and graphics have aged remarkably well, so while it's unclear to what extent Quantic Dream's rumored project is "based on" The Dark Sorcerer, the studio could do worse for source material. 

This leak lines up with previous reports that Quantic Dream is working on two other games alongside Star Wars Eclipse, one of them being a medieval fantasy. If Dreamland is indeed real, that makes the studio's other rumored game, said to be a social mobile game, seem more plausible. 

Star Wars Eclipse, at least, is said to be three to four years away at a minimum. 

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