PS5 might not arrive till 2021 for some GameStop Ireland customers

(Image credit: Sony PlayStation)

Gamestop Ireland has informed some customers that their pre-ordered PS5 might not arrive until 2021. 

An email seen by VGC comes with a message that says: "Unfortunately, due to circumstances out of our control, we've now got confirmation that we won’t be able to fulfil your pre-order until 2021."

The retailer has offered customers the option of holding onto their pre-order and letting them know when they'll be able to receive a PS5 in a "future wave" or cancel their pre-order entirely to get a refund on their deposit.

This follows news that Sony has started to let European retailers know how much stock they will get come launch day. ShopTo is also reportedly contacting customers to let them know if they'll be able to receive a pre-ordered console on November 19, with some unfortunate customers being told they won't get their machine on day one. 

This follows Amazon also emailing customers to let them know that some consoles may not arrive on release day, which you might have noticed is starting to become a bit of trend. Still, it's worth not panicking too much yet, as all these retailers are contacting customers directly, so if you haven't heard about your pre-ordered console yet, it should still be heading to you at launch.

If you haven't managed to pre-order a PS5 or Xbox Series X, don't lose hope yet. Certain retailers have been able to secure more stock since pre-orders went live and as our features editor Josh West argues, 2021 is when next-gen will really start to deliver

For more on what to expect from Sony's next-generation console, check out our definitive list of upcoming PS5 games.

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