PS5 freezing when using Rest Mode, according to some player reports

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Multiple reports seem to indicate that some PS5 freezing issues are being discovered when the console is using rest mode. 

Various players are reporting issues with the console freezing while playing games, an issue that was first reported when a PS5 review unit had already died earlier this week, with the issues cropping up in a variety of games.

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On Reddit, players have been discovering the early issues and trying to pinpoint what might be causing the issues, with some pointing to the use of the console's Rest Mode, while others say it could be due to using the console's rear USB ports and LAN cable after the initial set-up. On GamesRadar's review unit, an issue with the console's Rest Mode saw the PS5 sometimes failing to keep games suspended, but this hasn't happened since we installed a Day One update. 

Still, that's rather a lot of potential issues flagged already, although it's hard to pinpoint what is exactly causing these early teething problems. While it's not unexpected for launch consoles to have some issues, it won't make these bugs sting any less for players who have suffered them already. 

We've contacted Sony to see if they have any more information on the matter and will update this story when we hear back from them. For now, we'd recommend that you contact Sony via their @AskPlayStation Twitter account if you run into any issues. We'd also suggest turning off Rest Mode by heading into the console's system settings, to be on the safe side.

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