PS5 controllers are starting to ship to supermarkets

(Image credit: Sony PlayStation)

Retailers are starting to receive shipments of the new PS5 DualSense controllers. Twitter user Luisram2876 spotted a number of retail boxes in Walmart, posting their findings on the social network last night.

Replying to a tweet from PlayStation Youtuber Ryan Biniecki, Luisram - whose account says they are from Houston, Texas - posted a pair of photos which showed four boxed DualSense 5 controllers with the caption "at a Walmart."

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It looks like the controllers are not yet for sale, as there's no price sticker attached to them - Sony has confirmed that the DualSense 5 will cost $70, suggesting that the sticker in the first image relates to the wireless headphones that the controllers are being stored alongside. 

It's still a few weeks until the PS5 release date, but it's not too surprising that items like this would be starting to show up in stores - Sony notified customers that it would be shipping PS5 accessories early, and that pre-ordered items could arrive as early as October 30, nearly two weeks before the console launch itself. With that in mind, it seems likely that major retailers would be starting to receive stock ahead of launch, although it's a little more surprising that those items would be finding their way to the shop floor quite so soon. It might be worth keeping an eye out, however - given how quickly the PS5 pre-orders ran out, I wouldn't expect controllers to stay on shelves for very long.

You'll need something to play on those controllers - here's our list of PS5 launch games.

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