PS5 boxart blowout on Amazon suggests something could be happening today

(Image credit: Sony)

A bunch of more PS5 boxart for upcoming PS5 games have surfaced online, suggesting an announcement from PlayStation about its next-gen release plans is imminent.

Amazon Australia has published unfinalised box art covers for Demon's Souls, Sackboy: A Big Adventure, Returnal, Gran Turismo 7, and Destruction All-Stars with each game's store listing, none of which has been officially seen before. 

Check them out below:

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The sudden appearance of these updated listings suggests PlayStation could be about to reveal more info on the PS5, and its slate of launch titles, though this week's PSVR Showcase previously poured cold water on any next-gen news arriving in the coming days. 

That said, with Microsoft unveiling the Xbox Series S, including its price and release date, the pressure is on at Sony HQ to deliver a more compelling alternative when both those consoles (and the Xbox Series X) land later this year, in the Holiday period. 

Just earlier today, another Amazon product (this time for a PS5 wall mount), implied the system could be landing on store shelves on November 19, which would corroborate with Sony's previous console releases, though the tech company is staying mum for now. 

As always, we'll update you here at GamesRadar as soon as we learn anything more. 

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