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PS4 update 3.0 adds Twitter videos and YouTube streaming tomorrow

Big changes are coming to your PS4 tomorrow. Sony announced that PS4 update 3.00 (codenamed "Kenshin," if you're trying to keep up with the Japanese-sword themed update monikers) will be released on September 30, adding support for Twitter video sharing (opens in new tab), YouTube streaming, and ten times as much PS Plus cloud storage (opens in new tab).

Sony also revealed a few more of Update 3.0's new features, including adding a PlayStation Plus button to the main menu. You won't have to drill down through a series of choppy PlayStation Store menus to get to your monthly free PS Plus games (opens in new tab) any more. Instead, they'll all be accessible right from the PlayStation Plus menu, along with current promotions for members and subscription management options.

The other long-awaited addition that I know will make many people very happy is higher-quality screenshots. Forever banish the rampant JPEG artifacts of default PS4 stills by changing your Image Format in Screenshot Settings to PNG. Just keep in mind that the extra-crisp images will likely take up a bit more space on your hard drive.

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