PS4 update 3.00 lets you upload clips to Twitter. Your timeline's about to get weird.

Be advised: your timeline may become a shitstorm of Rocket League clips after the next big system update rolls out. PS4 update 3.00 adds the ability to directly upload video to Twitter, according to users in the beta program, but only of 10 seconds or less.

Twitter allows for videos of up to 30 seconds long, so I'm not sure why PS4 users will only be able to use a third of that time. Still, it should be just long enough to capture your sick string of gestures in Bloodborne or inexplicable horse encounters in The Witcher 3 - or if you'd rather show off live, update 3.00 will also add support for YouTube streaming.

The update adds support for Communities, which players can create or join based on their particular interests. Once you're in a Community, you can check the Now Playing section to easily see who is in a game or party, and send requests to get involved from there. Sounds like a good way to find people to play with, without having to crowd up your friends list with a bunch of people you barely know.

Sony will also gather up all of its active goings-on in one Events area, which will presumably hold stuff like Vote to Play and live presentations. And, um, add stickers for "fun conversations" to Messages.

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