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Vote for free PS4 games starting on Thursday

Sony's finally cracked the code to get young people interested in the democratic process: free video games. Starting later this week, the first PS Plus Vote to Play event will let subscribers worldwide choose whether they want to see Armello, Grow Home, or Zombie Vikings join the Instant Game Collection.

Voting will begin on Thursday at 8:30 am PDT / 4:30 pm BST, and will continue through the same time on Monday, August 24. Whichever game receives the most vote will be made free in September, though the two that aren't pick will still get a PS Plus discount. Sony plans to hold more Vote to Play events in the future, but don't expect it to be a monthly thing.

Grow Home was first released on Steam earlier this year, and its cute little rock-climbing robot rode a procedurally generated vine straight into my heart. That's an obvious pick for me, but I have already played the hell out of it, while both Armello and Zombie Viking will be all-new when they hit PS4 next month. Decisions, decisions…

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