PS3 games briefly appeared instead of PS4 Trophy entries yesterday

(Image credit: Sony)

PS4 Trophies reportedly disappeared yesterday, only to be temporarily replaced with PS3 Trophies.

PS5 users recently began noting that there appeared to be an error on their consoles. Instead of PS4 Trophies being listed on their profiles, the entries for the relevant games had been entirely wiped, and were replaced with listings for PS3-related Trophies.

The issue has since been resolved , and the strange-looking PS3 Trophy entries on PS5 consoles have been reverted back to displaying PS4 games and their related Trophies. It's entirely unclear what caused the error in the first place, or how PlayStation quickly resolved the issue.

Of course, this has only furthered speculation about PS3 games coming to PS5 consoles via backwards compatibility. Last week, certain PS3 games, including two Prince of Persia entries, began appearing on the PS5's PlayStation Network store, seemingly out of nowhere and available for purchase with regional prices.

Last year, a report claimed that Sony was preparing to relaunch its PS Now and Plus subscription services, bundling together both services for one package. The report claimed that this package would offer certain backwards compatible PS1, PS2, and PS3 games, in what's being eyed as a direct rival to Xbox Game Pass. 

Furthering this was a report that PS Now subscription cards were being removed from sale in the UK, because of the unannounced relaunch of the new subscription service from Sony. Right now, none of these claims have been commented on by Sony, but the circumstantial evidence keeps mounting. 

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