Pre-order Homefront, get a free OnLive console

In North Korea-occupied America, console comes with game! US customers who pre-order an OnLive Homefront 'PlayPass' before March 14 can receive an OnLive 'MicroConsole' absolutely free* (*excluding shipping and taxes). The OnLive system offers cloud-based gaming on demand through a broadband connection, and features both a monthly 'play-all-you-want' package (with a limited selection of games) and à la carte PlayPasses.

So why is OnLive giving away its $99Game Systemsfor free? Perhapsit's in its death throes - it may be the future of gaming, but how well it works depends on our broadband infrastructure (which we all agree could use some work). Maybe it's just ahead of its time? Or, more likely, it's doing fine, and someone just really wanted to set up my Yakov Smirnoff joke.

Also included in the promotion is a free full PlayPass for Metro 2033. More information is available on OnLive's site.

Feb 28, 2011

Associate Editor, Digital at PC Gamer