Portal: Companion Collection launches on Nintendo Switch later today

Portal 2
(Image credit: Valve)

Portal: Companion Collection is launching on Nintendo Switch later today. 

Just earlier today on June 28 during a brand new Nintendo Direct Mini focusing on third-party games, it was revealed that the Portal: Companion Collection would launch onto Nintendo Switch later today. The collection bundles together Portal and Portal 2 for one smooth package.

Right now however, we don't know how much the Portal: Companion Collection will actually cost when it's available. 

In actual fact, the Portal: Companion Collection was actually announced for the Nintendo Switch earlier this year. You can see the debut reveal trailer for the collection just below, which first aired in February 2022, revealing the two games would be making their way to the Nintendo console at some point in the near future.

It's fantastic that Valve's excellent two games are available on a brand new modern platform. More people having the chance to experience what makes the two Portal games so special and beloved to this day is only ever a good thing, and it's nice to see Valve giving Portal: Companion Collection another lease of live on the Nintendo Switch. 

The Nintendo Direct Mini also had some other hits in terms of slightly older games coming to the Nintendo Switch. Nier Automata will finally be making its debut on the console later this year in October and, just like the Portal: Companion Collection, gives a brand new audience the chance to see what makes it so brilliant.

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Hirun Cryer

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