Complete Pokemon X and Y Pokedex


What an evil, evil tree, right? This guy can often be found in hordes, meaning you better have a fire-type Pokemon at the ready to blow some smoke in their direction.


A ghost grass pumpkin? Honestly, we're shocked this hasn't been done before. If you asked us, "hey! Has there been a creepy haunted pumpkin?" we'd likely have said, "yeah, obviously." And yet, here we are. And when you trade it, you get...


Well, that's unexpected. Still ghost grass, still a pumpkin, but it's a little, well, um, alluring? Is that the point? Is it trying to be sexy? It has a girly look to it, and that's weird, but we like it.


Get it? Berg like iceberg, and mite like you know, a little mite. Then again, at over 3' tall it's more toddler-sized than bug-sized.


That's what we're talking about! 1,000+ pounds of ice and anger and death. Avalugg also has sort of a lizard face, which makes it stand out as being one of the strangest combinations of things in Pokemon X and Y.


Aww! Game Freak's previous bat Pokemon have left much to be desired, but we're going to get behind this on. Plus, it's flying and dragon, meaning it will tear up most Pokemon you put it up against.


Noivern gets its name from what looks like a combination of "noisy" and "wyvern." It's a fitting name, both for its wyvern-like appearance and for its giant subwoofer-like ears that emit supersonic waves. This guy has off a new move called Boomburst, a giant shockwave of sound that damages every other Pokemon on the screen, friend or foe. Makes perfect sense coming out of those eardrums.

Legendary Pokemon

Legendary Pokemon aren't your average, run-of-the-mill pocket-sized monsters. Legendary Pokemon are gods, roaming the world and controlling the forces of time and space. X & Y both have their own themed Pokemon, but they aren't the only godly monsters inhabiting Kalos.


Xerneas is the "X" legendary of Pokemon X and Y, holding the shape of an X in its eyes. It looks like a deer or gazelle of some kind, and is likely one of the creators of the universe, because that's what Nintendo says about every Legendary Pokemon.


As Xerneas is to Pokemon X, Yveltal is the Legendary Pokemon for Pokemon Y, its entire outstretched body making the shape of a Y. Unlike its Y counterpart, it isn't about creation--this sucker has destruction on its mind.

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