Complete Pokemon X and Y Pokedex


We didn't think any dual-type Ghost Pokemon could be cooler than haunted robot Golurk, but the series' first ever Steel/Ghost type might be even better. Honedge may look like your average sword and scabbard, but inside are an apparition that knows how to defend itself. The blue cloth on its hilt works like an arm to swing the sword for attacks, and it can also steal the life force of anyone that tries to carry the blade. Lastly, before you ask, yes, it knows Sword Dance.


Ut-oh. From one blade to two? We're dancing in Dugtrio territory, here. Thankfully, it knows some moves with "Sword" in the name so that's actually pretty fitting.


Using a Dusk Stone on Doublade will give you this beauty of a Steel/Ghost. The final evolution in this line makes it all worthwhile. Aegislash can chance stances mid-battle using moves, making for an extremely complex Pokemon with a high skill ceiling.


Spritzee is the first Pokemon Y-exclusive Pokemon, counterpart to Swirlix. Sprtizee is described as a Perfume Pokemon able to create a fragrance that will entrance opposing Pokemon. Were not going to ask where that fragrance comes from. What we do know, though is if you hand it a Sachet and trade it, you get...


Trade a Spritzee with Satchel and you get this faux-sexy Aromatisse, who looks like a weird hybrid of Jinx and Jigglypuff. Actually, there's a chance that's how Aromatisse came to be, so let's just move on.


A giant cotton-candy looking puffball, Swirlix is the first new Pokemon to be revealed as an Pokemon X exclusive. Were not particularly sure what a living puff of cloud will be able to do, but it worked out for Mallow in Super Mario RPG, right? It evolves if you trade it while it's holding a Whipped Dream, turning into...


This kind of looks like a Swirlex in a hat with a cherry on top, and its description doesn't really make much sense considering its type/look/anything. But it still has that dumb tongue thing we love, so it gets a pass.


Dark and Psychic is a strange mix, but heres Inkay to make that mix a reality. Its official description says that it can drain its opponents will to fight through flashing transmitters aboives its eyes. Weird, right? Well, you haven't seen his evolved form...


Yeah, we thought so. This is what we call weird. Malamar is the evolution of Inkay, giving us another Dark/Psychic squid to consider. This evolution is a strange one, too; you need to level him into his 30s and then--wait for it--turn your system upside down when he levels. We couldn't make that stuff up.


We know what you're thinking: this thing is just a sea-Diglet! Well, while that's sort of true, there's one major difference between the two: Diglett was dumb because its evolution was dumb. Meanwhile...

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