Complete Pokemon X and Y Pokedex


Bunnelby is a bunny Pokemon with a name that sounds like a snooty English butler. Perhaps it could serve some tea and scones from its shovel-like ears, which enables him to use Dig, move quite familiar to longtime Pokemon players. Hopefully he'll say his name with an English accent should be ever be featured in the cartoon.


How to get: Evolves from Bunnelby at level 20.


Fletchling serves the "bird Pokemon found in the beginning of the adventure" purpose championed in the past by Pidgey and Spearow. Sure, it may seem like it's destined to be the Fly/Cut HM slave, but we wouldn't suggest being so quick to use this little guy. Once it evolves, things start to heat up.


From cute bird to different cute bird. Oh well, we're not complaining--this evo is easily one of the better ones we've seen from an "early dex bird thing," with a cool art style and some powerful moves.


Somehow during the evolution process, Fletchling gains pyrokinetic abilities and transforms into Talonflame. This fiery falcon is known to dive at foes, then attacks with kicks from its sharp talons. Wait, a falcon who specializes in fiery falcon kicks? Bet you can't wait for it to show you its moves.


Scatterbug begins Pokemon X and Y's version of the evolutionary trio of Bug types, like Caterpie/Metapod/Butterfree or Weedle/Kakuna/Beedrill. If you've played other Pokemon games, you know exactly where this is going.


Spewpa is the evolutionary link between Scatterbug and the next Pokemon on the list, and, guess what, he's a cocoon of sorts. Surprised? You must be new here, then. But even if you haven't played a Pokemon game in your life, you must know what's right around the corner for 'ol Spewpa.


This beautiful butterfly is what all Scatterbugs desire to become. Early legends state that the designs on the wings of this Pokemon hold some kind of secret, though no one knows what it is yet. We'll be sure to check it out as soon as we can.


We've now come to the pinnacle of cuteness in Pokemon X and Y. Seriously, look at those round eyes, that little mouth, and those big ears. No Pokemon introduced this generation will match the sheer "dawwwww" factor of Litleo here. We just want to hug him and never let go, even though he may, you know, spit fire at us.


Look at this majestic specimen! Look at that flowing mane of pure unbridled power! Litleo is currently winning the "cutest new Pokemon" race, and now Pyroar jumps onto the "most badass looking Pokemon" list. Pyroar learns a move called Echoed Voice, which grows in power every time it's used, even in Team Battles. Three Pyroar, all using Echoed Voice, will be a force to be reckoned with in the right situation (read: not against Water types).

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